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Tapas & Paellas plus grilled meats and fish served in

a stylish setting with a cozy, glamorous feel.


Let yourself be carried away by the uplifting rhythms of Spanish music with family and friends and enjoy the same atmosphere that you can find in your favourite Bar in Spain.

What does the name CATALINA mean? 

The name Catalina means Pure and is of Spanish origin.


Eating Paella

Our Love for Paella

There was a time in an area of Spain, where people didn't have many ingredients and there weren't a lot of resources available. They created a dish with rice, chicken, rabbit, some vegetables and turned it into something so magnificent, now known as paella. It is one of the dishes that I always encourage people to learn how to make at home. Often, people don't try to cook paella because it looks difficult to make, but it's really not. It's very simple.

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